Foundations of business economics concepts from market structures, firm production, costs, and firm optimization strategies (Summer 2019).

Module for the Summer School in Spatial Analysis, Land Use and the Environment (January 22 - 29, 2020) with a focus on practical applications of leveraging and using geospatial data in the context of valuing urban environmental amenities. The module is part of the joint collaboration between the Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru) and the Nova SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center (Lisbon, Portugal).

Workshop as part of the Executive Education program at Nova SBE on working and modelling in R. Topics covered include database management, working with spatial data, constructing GIS variable measures and running advanced spatial models dealing with spatial dependence and heterogeneity.

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Teaching Assistant: Spring 2016; Fall 2017; Fall 2018

Intermediate economic modelling with a focus on consumer theory, producer theory and market structures.

Advanced Microeconomic Theory

Teaching Assistant: Spring 2017; Spring 2018

Advanced tools for microeconomic analysis, including general equilibrium and welfare analysis, the identification of market failure and possible policy solutions, modeling strategic interaction and choice under uncertainty and applying these tools to situations of asymmetric information. 

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